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No schedules to try to fit into your lifestyle – you choose when you want to study and submit assignments.

No.1 Private Investigator Training Institute in India

Best Online Private Investigator Training Course by VIIS

The road to becoming a private investigator course is marked by periods of mandatory training. The private investigator training should expect to complete academic, skills, and situational training throughout their careers, from becoming a law enforcement officer to being promoted to detective.

Training is an integral component of any private investigator course, as this multi-faceted profession requires a diverse set of skills to achieve success. In fact, training must remain a central focus, both for individuals with aspirations of a career in investigations and for private investigator training actively working in the profession.

As a private investigator training, you’re primarily concerned with the use of force as a means of self-defense. In this context, the use of force is defined on a continuum. Your use of force should be comparable to – and no greater than – the threat you perceive.  

What People Say

How real people said about VIIS


Kunal Arora

“ The comprehensive Online Detective Course went beyond my greatest expectations. With the help of VIIS training, I was able to expand my investigation business. The lessons were very intriguing and extensively detailed and the Detective Field Exercises were not only challenging but provided practical, hands-on training that was very realistic. Absolutely the best course I have ever taken and at a very reasonable price. Thank you, Venus Team and your staff at VIIS. ”

Serina Thomas

“ VIIS has provided valuable information on private sector opportunities. I am still an active duty police officer in California. This course has given me the tools and inspiration to slowly start my own business and transition into the private sector. Thank you very much. ”

Kritika Sabarwal

“ Enrolling in VIIS was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I did the research and found that VIIS offered the most comprehensive course and it was important that I find a school that private investigation was their only curriculum. Once I started the training, I was extremely impressed by the quality of the entire course. After I graduated I began working a few personal cases of finding people using the computer and my friends were so impressed that I started my own agency from home. Even now, I refer to the manuals all the time. This course is a wonderful springboard for the career minded women aspiring in becoming a P.I.”

Gaurav Fatwani

“ VIIS Detective Online Training are especially effective for someone just starting out as a Private Investigator. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who wants thorough, professional, detailed training in the Private Investigator profession. Thank you for the outstanding training you've given me through your course. I heartily applaud your efforts. Your course has been a tremendous enhancement to my ongoing professional education.”

Romola Mittal

A cost effective online training program. Highly thankful to the VIIS Detective training Portal has given a virtual training which is worth creative to initiate an adventurous Spying Career.The most interesting part was the internship and practical training with the proactive Venus Detective Team. It was a knowledgeable training process.I have recommended my friends to avail this virtual training process.

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