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Awards and Owner

Awards and Owner

VIIS is the advanced training institute which is providing online Investigation training for the aspirants, specifically the candidates who are seeking knowledge in Detective Domain. VIIS is the owned by a proficient Female Detective in the town Akriti Khatri. She has achieved the milestone in investigation field.

The VIIS owner, Co-founder and the faculties are expertized in the in-depth practice of live case of an investigation. The proactive detectives in the in-house VIIS training firm are the architect of the massive Venus Detective Agency serving across the globe.

The Venus Detective Team is exhibiting its wide spectrum of investigation Services to a stream of satisfied customers. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide practicing lawyers, students, and employees from various streams and industries to select the course that will help them gain an advantage in their career.

An award is something liable to an individual or a group of people to acknowledge excellence in a particular field; a certificate of excellence. Awards are often signified by trophies, titles, certificates, commemorative plaques, medals, badges. An award may also simply be a public acknowledgment of excellence, without any tangible token or prize.

Awards can be given by any person or institution, although the prestige of an award usually depends on the status of the awardee. Usually, awards are given by an organization of some sort, or by the office of an official within an organization or government.

Our Faculty and Students got many National and International awards and honors.The awards and honors are being facilitated to the deserving candidates.

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