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Mohali, a city in Punjab. It is also known as Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali is also known as commercial hub lying in south-west of the Chandigarh. Mohali is famous for its cricket ground and also known as shopper’s paradise. It is the administrative headquarters of Mohali district. As city is also known as commercial hub many IT and Non-IT sectors are present here. People of different cities migrate here due to their job due to which day by day rush of the city is increasing. As commercially city is growing lot of crises also increased in the city.

As city is becoming high-tech day by day crime rate is also increasing with high rate. To stop this crime rate many detective agencies is working. But for preparing these detective proper training is required. At Venus Institute of Investigation Studies we provide best training to our aspirants so that they can make their carrier in field of detective. This institution provides best approach and environment so that candidate can learn more. Students also receive big opportunity to make their carrier. Many people have interest in Detective world but can’t make their carrier in this field due to lack of knowledge. Our Institution act as boom for these aspirants.


Venus Institute of Investigation Studies consider as the best private detective training institute in Mohali because here we provide all facility to our aspirants which is necessary for making of their carrier. A special team of investigators are prepared for the detective industry, which aims to provide best knowledge to the aspirants. Apart from training VIIS also helps to built confidence in candidates.

At Venus detective training institute we also provide online courses for the aspirants who are interested in making their carrier in detective field but can’t take the regular classes. In the online courses, all the concepts of investigation are verbally knowledgeable. At VIIS, if we take offline courses then we also provide field training and practical knowledge apart from theoretical course. During field training aspirants are told the use of equipment and gadgets.

At VIIS training is provided for both personal as well as corporate cases. Proper methods and knowledge is provided for both investigations. Our institute not only gives field but also module training. This institute gives the best atmosphere to the aspirants who want to know make their carrier in detective industry. VIIS provide the students with an inbuilt internship program.

The internship program is given by Venus detective which is a private detective agency and has chain of network in which aspirants gets the best opportunity. VIIS is considered as the best private detective training institute in Mohali serving the needs of aspirants.