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Terms and Condition

Please read our terms and conditions

The candidates who have enrolled for the VIIS training institute for investigation has to follow the following terms and conditions after the enrolments.

  • On admission, every student will receive an Identity Card and Study Material/Reference Books.
  • The roll number/course key/login details will be given to each student once they have been admitted.
  • Leaving Certificate/Qualification Certificates of the previous school or Transfer Certificate of the previous school/college will be required from anyone who wishes to join the course.
  • Only one reference book or online study material, Final Certificate / Course Completion Letter will be provided for short term courses and Certifications.
  • Student I-Card will be provided for students appearing for courses with a duration of more than 6 months, and will be sent later.
  • The application fee paid for the course is non-refundable and non-transferable to other courses. We can only refund the application fee when a course applied for has been canceled or in case the applicant does not get a seat in the course applied for.
  • VIIS reserves the right to alter fee, course structure, or any of the terms or conditions described in the site/brochure without notice at any time and to deny enrolment to any person without explanation.
  • After registration/admission Indian & Distance Courses Certification students will receive their study material within 10 to 15 working days. In some cases, it may take more time due to un-availability of Ref. Books from our Publisher, Holidays, Shortage of study material/staff, etc and other unavoidable reasons.
  • International/students living outside India who wants printed notes, books, I-Card, and ref. material by courier/post will be charged an additional sum of 200 USD (Optional).
  • All our Courses, Study Material/Content are for educational and information purposes only. VIIS and Team will not be responsible for their misuse; the user will be solely responsible for misuse of the Education, Information, Knowledge, and Tools or any other content.
  • Our Courses will not transfer as college credit. Many colleges, Organizations, Companies, and universities around the world do accept our courses certificates as minimum program requirements. However, we do not keep track of what courses are accepted where and under what conditions.
  • Students do not need to attend any classes so we provide a full self-study, distance and online courses, duration mentioned in the site is maximum duration required to complete the course. Indian Students have to appear for the exam after completion of specified duration for that particular course, but this duration is not applicable to International students, as they can appear for exams as and when they wish to finish their study.
  • We provide printed notes / reference books only to Indian residents and students who have opted for distance education, alternatively online study material will be provided to International students. In case shipping charges are paid separately by international students printed material will also be provided to them. In some cases students are required to access online study materials from website for more reference, advanced study, basic books, supplementary materials, etc.
  • Our courses will guide you through Legal Procedures, Ethics and Investigation courses.
  • Acceptability of Recognitions is dependent upon respective team/officer / organization.
  • Our courses are for your educational enrichment, knowledge enhancement, and professional development.
  • Our courses are self-paced and instructor-guided (Online Support Ticket). A student can study on a specific subject from her/his home or office with our Study Material / Kit. We do not provide Classroom Training or Classes for these courses. Students are supposed to apply for training, workshop, seminar and other personal training classes separately, Fee, entrance exam and the selection criteria depend on the type of training.
  • Additional Taxes / fees / To and Fro / Work / Service charges may apply.
  • VIIS shall have no responsibility for any damage to Books, Certificates, Forms, DD / Cheques, Documents or any other losses, in courier or postal services.
  • We provide Online Support Ticket System for help or support. We do not provide -Skype, Chatting, or other support modes. For any updates or announcements please check the website regularly for assignments, examination schedule and any other course related information. Our course supervisors will update details on the website though they would not be in direct contact with students. Student must have basic knowledge of computer operation, internet, email, etc to access online portals, study materials, to check announcements, updates, examination schedule, to be able to appear in online examination, for assignment questions, etc
  • On cancellations or withdrawals, no payments will be refunded.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to review, contact and visit our website, contact our support team from time to time to ensure that she/he continues to agree with all our terms and conditions as and when they are modified or upgraded. In case of any inquiries, she/he may contact the support team.
  • Once the payment has been made, the applicant should email us the payment details in order to avoid any inconvenience during and after the payment has been made as we would have the notification of the same.
  • Student has to submit their qualification documents, identity proof, residence proof, and passport size photographs etc. after fee payment.
  • All disputes are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Delhi, India only.

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